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Genuine turn-of-the-century atmosphere at Klintehamn on Gotland

Welcome to Pensionat Warfsholm
- the guest house by the sea!

Booking, cancellation 
and payment conditions

These conditions apply for bookings at Pensionat Warfsholm (PW)

Minimum age for bookings

To make a booking you have to be 18 years of age. For larger parties at least two persons have to be 18 years.

When does my booking become binding?

The booking is binding for both parties when PW has confirmed the booking and the agreed advance payment has been made in due time.

Advanced payment and final payment

For bookings made more than 28 days prior to arrival an advance payment of 10 percent of the total amount must be made to PW within 7 days of the booking and not later than 28 days before arrival.

For bookings made more than 28 days prior to arrival the total amount must be paid no later than 28 days prior to arrival.

For bookings made later than 28 days prior to arrival the total amount must be paid within 5 days and no later than on the day of arrival.

Cancellation fees

28 or more days prior to arrival: 10 percent of the total amount. 
27-12 days prior to arrival: 25 percent of the total amount.
11-2 days prior to arrival: 50 percent of the total amount. 
1-0 days prior to arrival: 100 percent of the total amount.

Alteration fee

150 SEK per booking and occasion.

What happens if I don't pay on time?

The booking is cancelled if the advance payment hasn't reached PW according to the above conditions or instructions given in the booking confirmation.

The booking is also cancelled if the final payment hasn't reached PW according to the above conditions or instructions given in the booking confirmation. 

Neglect to pay on time is regarded as a cancellation, and the conditions for cancellation will apply.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

A booking can be cancelled either by phone, +46 498240010, or by email, info@warfsholm.se.  A cancellation is not valid until it has been confirmed in writing by PW.

What are PW's obligations?

To provide you with all necessary information in good time.
That all information given to you is correct and up to date.
That information about changes that will affect the booking is relayed without undue delay. 
That the room/cabin flat is at your disposal as of the date and time stated in the booking confirmation.
PW is not liable for legislative or price changes that are outside its control.

What are my obligations?

You are obliged to check the booking confirmation upon receiving it. Possible faults or discrepancies must be reported to PW immediately.

You have to abide by the rules that apply to the room/cabin flat. You are responsible for all damage to the room/cabin flat and its equipment caused by the negligence of yourself or anyone in your company. You must not use the room/cabin flat for other purposes than agreed upon (usually for recreational purposes) och more persons than stated in the booking must not stay overnight.

If complaints of annoying behaviour on your part are reported PW has the right to evict you and the rest of your party if there is no immediate correction. The same rules apply where more people than agreed upon are staying the night. In neither case will reimbursement be made for the remainder of the rental period; on the contrary, you are responsible for reimbursing PW any costs caused by the above.

Smoking is not allowed indoors on any of PW's premises.

Household pets are not allowed except where explicitely stated. However, PW cannot guarantee that the room/cabin flat has been free of pets and/or smoking shortly before your arrival.

You must wash the dishes and clean the flat before leaving the cabin flats, unless another agreement is reached. If no cleaning or washing up has been done, a cost according to the price list will be charged.

The personal data act

By paying, you agree to PW handling your personal data. The purpose of this is to allow the customary guest administration, to ensure that PW has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to fulfil the terms of the cancellation guarantee and to administer and handle any damages incurred. You may also be contacted for market surveys.

Invoice charge 

You can pay by invoice only by special agreement. A surcharge of 75 SEK applies.

What happens if we don't agree?

You should address PW directly with any complaints. If we can't reach an agreement you can turn to Allmänna reklamationsnämnden (The National Board for Consumer Complaints), Box 174, S-101 23 Stockholm.

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