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Genuine turn-of-the-century atmosphere at Klintehamn on Gotland

Welcome to Pensionat Warfsholm
- the guest house by the sea!

19th century ambience with a sea view in Pensionat Warfsholm's bar

Pensionat Warfsholm's dining room in Villa Wöhler has the sea on
either side. From the dining room, the bar/library and the outdoor terrace one can see the sun setting beyond Vivesholm to the northwest.

A traditional breakfast buffet is served in the dining room.

In the evenings, the bar/library is the place to relax in the company of a dish from the bar menu, a drink and a good book. The bar offers classic brands and a host of ales from the local brewery, Gotlands Bryggeri.

Pensionat Warfsholm's bar/library is open for meals from late June to mid-August.

Call +46 498240010 or mail info@warfsholm.se to find out about opening hours and our menu!

Warfsholm's bar menu

Ramson soup                                                                                               85
Hummus, tzatziki, olives and bread                                                               75

Beef à la Lindström                                                                                    145
Ramson soup, egg and bread                                                                       115
Sand leek- and cheese pie                                                                           115
Tabouleh, hummus, olives and bread                                                            115

Saffron rice pudding w dewberry jam                                                            95

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Pensionat Warfsholm   Klinte Varvsholm 612   S-62376 Klintehamn   +46 498240010   info@warfsholm.se   www.warfsholm.se

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